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Transparent. Cutout. Sheer. Skin tight. Ever since the ‘naked’ fashion trend revealed itself, the world has been obsessed, including us. It’s sexy, empowering and a little bit rebellious. But let’s be real, it also requires some styling, starting with the perfect invisible undies to support the nude illusion.

But not all no show underwear is born equal. From our breathable woven mesh to the invisible one seam design, every pair in Nakey’s collection was made specifically to become your ultimate nude seamless underwear. Comfy enough to wear everyday, invisible enough to wear under anything. And we do mean anything.

Curious to try the no show trend for yourself? Here’s five foolproof ways to nail it, just don’t forget your Nakey invisible undies to match.


Dua Lipa at the "Barbie" premiere. MEGA/GC Images / Hailey Bieber Getty Images

Not for the faint hearted, the transparent look is all about the wow factor. Slightly more accessible than the no pants trend, a totally see through style is perfect if you plan on being the centre of attention. While we wouldn’t encourage rocking a Hailey Bieber style transparent dress at your work Christmas do, it’s perfectly fabulous to pull out for hens parties, birthdays or nights on the town.

The secret to getting away with it is less lines the better. If you can avoid wearing a bra and aren’t afraid to get nippy, go without. When it comes to choice of panties, no show is the only option. Go all the way with a pair of nude seamless underwear that skim over lumps and bumps and won’t steal the limelight. Ours are designed with one invisible seam at the back, to avoid any unwanted Visible Panty Lines.


Em Rata Splash Images / © Instagram @victoriabeckham

Fashion trends are reoccurant and often a reflection of what’s going on in the world. When the sheer trend first made a splash on the runways back in 2020, it was the perfect fun and frivolous antidote to the seriousness of life at the time. Fast forward to today, sheer fashion is still going strong both in everyday streetstyle and red carpet moments, and is a great way to embrace body positivity.

If you’re bold like Em Rata, you could rock a sheer skirt while you’re taking the pup for a daily stroll. Make it casual by styling it with a pair of flats or offset the hyper femininity with a pair of masculine combat boots. The golden rules of balance still apply: if you’re showing skin below, keep it covered up top with a cardigan or more modest shirt and of course, a pair of invisible undies.

Got a big event coming up in the calendar? A sheer evening gown is a beautiful way to add a modern twist to formal attire. Let your dress do the talking by opting for the thinnest no show underwear you can find, like our Invisible Mesh Thong.


Zendaya courtesy of Alaïa / Faithful the Label

Picture this: it’s summer, you find yourself in the Amalfi coast, or on a weekend getaway with your boo. Or maybe you’re just in your angel era. Whatever the occasion or season, an all white outfit is an instant way to elevate your style.

Pairing white on white not only screams elegance but also confidence. Confidence that you’re not going to spill that glass of chilled red or flash an unwanted panty line. If you want to avoid the former, opt for a fiano, darling. To avoid the latter, no show underwear is a no brainer. And by no show, we do not mean white.

Don’t know who needs to hear this but, white undies are not invisible under white clothing. Instead, choose a pair of nude seamless underwear in a colour that best matches your natural skin tone. Doesn’t have to be a perfect match, just close enough to your undertones to remain unseen.

Shop Nakey Underwear in three shades of nude


Michelle Pfeiffer courtesy of Google.

Silk is a natural fibre loved for its luxuriously soft feel and lustrous shine. It’s long been associated with glamour, and perhaps reached peak It factor status during the reign of the 90s slip dress era. You don’t have to be chronically online to know that the 90s are back and they’re not going away anytime soon. From our love of Britney to our continued obsession with the silk slip dress, at this point it’s less a trend and more a way of life.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got numerous silk numbers on rotation in your wardrobe at any given time to satiate your 90s lifestyle. And like us, you’ll know that the average pair of panties don’t really do this unforgiving fabric justice. Oh no, a luxe fabric like silk demands only the best undies to match. And it doesn’t get much better than our super soft, stretch mesh, no show underwear. Made to flatter your best ass-ets, we recommend opting for a pair of our high cuts for a truly seamless underwear look under your most-loved silk dress.


Bella Hadid Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images / Steve Eichner - Shutterstock

Hold on to your booty for this one. The cutout dress is really a show stopper. Made popular by Tom Ford’s 1996 Gucci collection, shows like Euphoria and supermodels like Bella Hadid have made sure this trend has been firmly cemented in the fashion vernacular.

There’s two important factors to remember when attempting to pull this look off. One, get a good razor. Two, get a really good pair of invisible undies. And not the high cut kind. You’re going to want a pair with low coverage and big payoff, a pair of nude seamless underwear like our Invisible Nude Mesh Thong. We designed this style to be the next best thing to your birthday suit. What you wear when you need guaranteed invisibility. Or when you’re rocking the cutout dress. Shop now, thank us later.