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Mastering the sheer trend: What to wear under a transparent dress

So you bought into the transparent dress trend. Don’t panic. It seemed like a good decision at the time and we’re here to tell you, it was! Now you’re probably wondering what to wear under the sheer dress or what to wear under the transparent dress or mesh dress.

That’s why we’re answering all your questions right here, right now. TLDR: the answer hinges on having the right pair of no show underwear to pull off your new barely-there aesthetic. For the long version, read on.

Jourdan Dunn Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil M/GC Images and Kendal Jenner BACKGRID

Enter your Nakey era

The ethereal allure of a sheer dress is undeniable. It exudes confidence and a kind of effortless sensuality. Ever since this runway trend transitioned effortlessly to the streets in late 2023 to become a favourite among A-listers, it was only a matter of time until you got your pretty little mitts on a transparent dress of your own. But let's be honest, venturing into the world of barely-there fabrics can be daunting. What secrets lie beneath the gossamer veil? What lumps and bumps can be hidden under such a revealing fabric? Fear not, Nakey has your behind. Literally.

Our no show underwear was created for just this purpose. No need to buy expensive (and restrictive) shapewear, or spend extra on unflattering slips. The true secret to mastering a revealing trend like a mesh overlay dress is by choosing underwear that remains undetectable. Our mesh invisible underwear collection provides the ultimate foundation for any transparent ensemble. Here’s how.

No more nude illusion

Nakey embraces your natural form, letting your confidence take centre stage. Gone are the days of worrying about visible panty lines or awkward bunching. Our innovative, one seam design and super stretchy mesh fabric caters to every silhouette. With high-waisted briefs and cheeky thongs that provide a flawless, no-show finish, Nakey undies are comfy enough to wear everyday and invisible enough to truly nail the see through dress trend. Whether you're rocking a sheer midi or a body-hugging mini, a pair of Nakey undies will make you feel like a million bucks, without costing you nearly as much.

But transparency goes beyond mere invisibility. It's about creating a playful interplay between reveal and conceal. Let your favourite lingerie peek through – a lacy bralette or a sexy push up – to add a touch of intrigue. Nakey's nude collection comes in a range of barely-there hues, allowing you to look like you're baring it all or playfully contrast with your chosen dress.

Ready to take the plunge? Here are some tips for truly mastering a sheer dress with Nakey.

Emily Ratajkowski Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images


Call your inner Emily Ratajkowski to the stage. Don't shy away from the barely there look! It adds a touch of unexpected personality. For the everyday answer to Em Rata’s Met Gala look, see here.

Rachel Zaretshy Rommel Demano/ and Charli XCX Samir Hussein/WireImage

Accessorise with intention

Keep jewellery delicate and minimalist to avoid overwhelming the ethereal quality of the look. What do we mean by minimal? Think: a choice bracelet, a contrast heel or an effortless hairstyle.

Kylie Jenner PIERRE SUU and Candice Swanepoel J. LEE/GETTY

Layer with confidence

In the words of some wise TikToker, “if an outfit isn't interesting through colour, then it has to be interesting through shape. And if it's not interesting by shape, then it has to be interesting through texture. If it's not interesting by texture, then it has to be interesting by colour.” Add some interest to your mesh overlay dress by layering something sheer over a slip in a contrasting hue to create a captivating play on textures.


Own your silhouette

Confidence is the ultimate accessory. Rock your sheer dress with a head held high and a smile that says, "I woke up like this.” No need to mention you woke up 8 hours ago and have been glam ever since. It’s all for the plot.

Why Nakey Will Make You a Sheer Master:

  • Invisible Comfort: Our one seam design and innovative mesh fabric disappears under even the sheerest styles.
  • Unparalleled Confidence: Say goodbye to panty lines and hello to a flawless silhouette thanks to our super stretch fabric that won’t dig in.
  • Second-Skin Sensation: Move freely and confidently with our ultra-breathable and quick drying mesh technology.
  • Embrace Your Form: Nakey celebrates your natural beauty, not an illusion.

Sheer dressing is a celebration of self-expression, a chance to embrace the beauty of your form. With Nakey as your silent partner in crime, you can conquer this trend with confidence and effortless style. So, shed your hesitations about the see through dress trend and embrace your new mesh dress like the world is your runway and you're about to take centre stage.

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