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We’ve all experienced the disappointment when a ‘nice’ lingerie set starts to stretch, loses its shape or begins to thread. It may be because they weren’t very good quality in the first place (sorry not sorry to a certain ‘angelic’ brand). Or it may be because you didn’t quite heed the care instructions (who knows what all of those symbols mean anyway).

At Nakey, we believe your lingerie should feel like an extension of you – weightless, comfortable, and effortlessly chic. We also believe a good pair of undies should last. Because of that, we’ve custom created an innovative, super soft mesh fabric - made to hug your curves, never dig in and hold its shape, wear after wear. There’s just one catch: your Nakey undies need a little TLC. Before you start 😭 on us, don’t fret. It’s not complicated to keep your Nakey underwear in pristine condition.

In fact, this 5 minute read is basically a masterclass in how to wash delicate underwear, Nakey or otherwise. So pop those reading glasses on, boo, we’re about to get educational.

First things first: Cold Hand Wash Only

Nakey's no show underwear are crafted from a luxurious blend of polyamide and elastane, designed to disappear under even the sheerest fabrics. Translation? Wash this innovative mesh on high temperature and risk the epic stretch losing its flattering form. Instead, skip the harsh detergents and hot water and opt for the gentle, hand wash setting on your washing machine. Or better yet, actually wash them with your hands!

Tip: If you CBF hand-washing, the next best thing is a gentle detergent and a lingerie specific setting on your machine.

Respect the Rhythm: Rub Gently, Soak Briefly, No Wringing

Aggressive scrubbing and extended soaking can damage Nakey’s delicate mesh fibres. Instead, gently massage any dirty areas using a gentle bar soap or your usual gentle detergent. A quick soak in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes is all it takes to refresh your Nakey undies. Remember, be kind to those seams and avoid wringing, which can lead to misshaping.

Tip: Don’t forget to rinse under cold water before drying to wash away any soap residue.

Step Away from the Dryer

The dryer might seem like a quick fix, but the high heat can damage the elastic and compromise the fit of your Nakey no show underwear. And a misshapen pair could make your peach look, well, misshapen. Thus, kind of missing the invisible factor. Instead, after cleaning, lay delicate underwear flat on a clean towel in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause fading and spots. Patience is key – let your Nakey essentials air dry completely before storing them away.

Tip: Lay the underwear in the correct shape to avoid any weird creasing.

Ironing? No Thanks, We’re Hot Enough Already

The smooth, seamless design of Nakey’s delicate underwear eliminates the need for ironing. Plus, the heat from an iron could damage the delicate fibres. Making our no shows the perfect undies to take on holiday, to throw in the gym bag or to keep up your sleeve for ‘lucky’ date nights. Hey, you never know.

Tip: Our Invisible Mesh Thong is our barely there cut, and scrunches up extra tiny to fit in extra tiny compartments.

The 3 Big Nakey No’s: Dry Cleaning, Bleaching & Harsh Chemicals

Not sure how many of us are dry cleaning our underwear, but for the bougie amongst us, here’s something you need to know. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can weaken the fabric of any garment, especially delicate things like underwear. Bleach can also compromise the invisibility factor of your Nakey no shows. Which means you should avoid any kinds of powder bleach, dry cleaning or harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning delicate things like undies.

Tip: Stick to gentle hand washing and air drying for the best results.

The Laundry Love Triangle: Separate Your Nakeys

We all know the struggle. Laundry day arrives, good intentions go awry or things end up in the wrong basket. Here's a friendly PSA, especially for laundry room newbies aka enthusiastic boyfriends: wash your Nakey invisible underwear separately from dark colours. This will prevent any colour bleeding and keep your nudes looking, well, nude.

Tip: Tell your S.O. to throw your Nakey’s in with your whites to avoid awkward stains.

So there you have it, a short masterclass in how to wash delicate underwear. With a little love and these simple care instructions, your Nakey no-show undies will continue to be your secret event-ready weapon or everyday essential. Now you can conquer the world, or the sheer dress trend, feeling weightless and supported, all while rocking your favourite looks.

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